Finger Lickin Chicken

Filmed on location at KFC Seven Scrubbers Road N7… gotta love this town.


Dude, where’s my Carp?

oh yeah there it is and its hench. 265lbs to be presizzle.


New Nas Joint!

Oh fo sho

Performance Tuesday

Hella Hilario innit


Right then….¬†are the cool kids about to bring old school mcing back… cuuussss if they are i’m down a clown charlie br br brown!

Oh and for some real UK flaves…

This guy knows the score


You will have no doubt already seen but incase you haven’t. Wank brand, wanker clothes and no doubtably a well and truly wanky event. That said and done, you gotta love the Kaws looking viral, check the skittles around 1.00 – niiice!