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Lunch DONE

It’s true what they say about classics really standing the test of time, i’ll be playing this little ditty to the grandkids


So this guy was so excited to go cottaging he forgot to get out of his car first


Front Flip On A BMX, Nuff Said.

Apparently Josh Wants a Cheese Burger

I hear the fat shits pain, when you want a cheeseburger you want a mother flippin cheesburger right. Ps nice one on the green and gold Josh, take that shit stateside yo.

Mint New Movie Alert!!!

I suggest you pack up your shit and do one Scorsese, theres a badboy new producer in town an his style looks hella sick. Presenting to you… James Nyugen’s Birdemic


Cartoons, babes and bikes – glad to see Mehico is getting it’s shit together.

When Partridge met Harro…

So the other day i was just minding my own business having a few quiet scoops when out of the bloody blue this beautiful curly haired man came up and starting papping me. Absabloodyexactly.